We would like to bring to your attention!

We are happy to offer you a new collection of products before holidays.


We are opened!!!

The new company shop of glass factory is opened in Minsk



Investment project

OJSC Glassworks Neman invites investor for the co-project implementation of the mechanized production of the colorless glass products.


Crystal vases

Our masters customize unique crystal vases



National exhibition of the Republic of Belarus in Novosibirsk

The exhibition will be placed in the central exhibition complex «Novosibirsk Expocentre» located at the address: Novosibirsk area, Krivodanovsky Local Council, Stantsionnaya Str., 104.


Cristal de Paris, France
tel. : + 33 38 79 63 507
fax : + 33 38 79 64 431

AUSEK, Latvia
Riga, Duntes 11
tel. : + 371 673 792 95
fax : + 371 673 792 92

Company Profile

Glassworks “Neman” – is the enterprise with age-long glass melting traditions. In 1883 on the bank of the river Neman Julius Stolle and Wilhelm Krayevsky organized glass production.

The goods of the factory – is the particular style. The harmony of the beauty and elegancy, the combination of modern design and classical forms make the products popular, recognizable and stylish.

The products of our factory are popular all over the world. We export our products to Russia, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, France, USA, Canada, Kazakhstan, East-countries and to other countries of close and far abroad.

We melt the glass for more than one hundred years!
While doing the world more beautiful, we are glad to work for You!

The factory museum

The artists work exhibited in the museum of the OJSC «Glassworks “Neman» represent many-sided, wide panorama of creative research of many people of different generations.